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Our Story

My name is Dawn and I’m a member of Seaford Community Church. Since being young girl, I’ve had a heart to help those in need and who have nowhere else to turn. I started Seahaven Storehouse in 2011 by starting to give out a few food parcels from our home in Seaford. From there it has grown and is now based at our church building, King’s Well in Vale Road, Seaford.  
The Bible says what good is it if you see someone who is hungry and say ‘God bless you’ but do nothing to provide them with something to eat. Being able to provide a food parcel to those who are unable to put food on their table is one small way of expressing God’s love to those in need.  
At the Storehouse we provide an atmosphere of love and safety as we want people to feel able to come in and get the support they need.  
God is a loving Father and deeply loves all of his children. When he sees his children in need his heart goes out to them. Seahaven Storehouse is a practical expression of that love.

Our Story: About Us
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